Are divorces public record?

Answer Divorce documents are public records, which can be found filed in the county where the divorce was granted, at the Superior Court clerk's office. Divorce documents are a component of the court file... Read More »

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How to Record Bankruptcy on Public Record?

If bankruptcy is the course you chose for dealing with your heavy debts, then expect most of the information that you provide to the federal court to be a matter of public record that anyone can lo... Read More »

Is a will a public record?

A last will and testament is not public record until after the testator has died. After the person's death, law requires that the will be filed with a probate court, entering public record.Referenc... Read More »

Is a mortgage public record?

The original mortgage deed is public record, however, a private company MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) registers all new mortgage debts. This privatizes the process and helps with s... Read More »

Is the Baker Act public record?

A Baker Act petition, designed to provide emergency assistance to mentally ill individuals who may be a danger to themselves or others, is not released as a matter of public record. Florida's Baker... Read More »