Are divorce decrees public?

Answer Divorce decrees include the information about the divorce such as filing number, names, date, place and grounds and type of divorce. The decree explains the settlement ruling made by the judge. Div... Read More »

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Are Divorce Decrees Public Record?

Divorce decrees pertain to asset division, alimony and custody of children. The judge issues a divorce decree to outline his or her decision on these items. Once the divorce is finalized with the c... Read More »

Do you need a lawyer to file regarding divorce decrees?

You do not need a lawyer to file a divorce decree. If both parties are in agreement with the divorce and there aren't any legal issues to settle, you can file "pro se" (on your own behalf) without ... Read More »

Can divorce decrees be found online?

Divorce decrees are made available online, as of June 2010. The website allows users to view divorce decrees by state. However, while searching for divorce decrees is free on... Read More »

Are Divorce Settlements Public Record?

Divorce settlements that occur out of court must be finalized with a courthouse and judge. Therefore, such documents become public record once the divorce settlement is filed. Divorce records can b... Read More »