Are dishwashers efficient?

Answer On One Hand: Dishwashers are ExpensivePriced at $300 and higher, dishwashers are expensive. Once installed, a dishwasher can cause a utility bill to raise significantly, depending on how much the d... Read More »

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Who makes dishwashers in the US?

Go to sears, look at the brand names, get your answer

Are dishwashers bad for the environment?

No, dishwashers are not bad for the environment. Most of the dishwashing powders and liquids are made with biodegradable materials that do not affect the ozone.

Warranty on dishwashers?

Dyson does not manufacture vacuums that use bags, therefor you would not be able to find a place that sells bags for these vacuums. For a vacuum that uses bags, you might check Best Buy or Walmart.

How do dishwashers sanitize?

The dishwasher as we know it today was invented in 1886 by Josephine Cochrane, a housewife from Illinois. To operate the machine, the user cranked a lever to spin the wheeled compartment and pump s... Read More »