Are discus fish aggressive?

Answer Discus fish are a popular choice for aquariums due to their vibrant colors and exotic appearance. However, they also pose certain challenges, not the least of which is aggressive behavior.Identific... Read More »

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What is a discus fish?

Nicknamed "king of the aquarium," discus fish are among the most beautiful freshwater fish available for the home aquarium. These delicate beauties are known for their flat appearance and endless a... Read More »

Are discus community fish?

Discus are not considered community fish due to their very particular water requirements. Discus tanks must be kept very clean with frequent water changes and a temperature in the mid 80s F, which ... Read More »

Discus Fish Lighting Requirements?

Discus fish, native to South America, are shy, sensitive animals with narrow ranges of acceptable living conditions. They need high quality, warm water, proper lighting, and an aquascape that suppo... Read More »

How to Raise Discus Fish Eggs?

Discus fish, named so because of their flat, rounded shape, are beautiful additons to any aquarium. Discus fish are members of the cichlid family, and are desirable pets that can raised and bred fo... Read More »