Are disability payments taxed?

Answer On One Hand: Disability Insurance Can Meet Any Employee NeedsDisability Insurance is a policy that provides financial benefits to the insured in case he gets hurt or sick and cannot work. These pol... Read More »

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Can you receive private disability payments and also receive social security disability payments?

The broad answer to the question is Yes. However, whether both categories of benefits are payable in a particular situation will depend upon whether the applicant is found to be "totally disabled" ... Read More »

If you are in California and have been placed on permanent and stationary disability - but are able to go back to work - do you still qualify for disability payments?

If you can work, WORK! This is what is wrong with this country today, to many lazy people that can work are sitting home on disability when even a paraplegic can do something to make money. Cali is... Read More »

Can I get Social Security disability& still get my private disability payments?

According to the Social Security Administration, the disability benefits you receive from your private insurance or a private pension have no affect on your ability to receive Social Security disab... Read More »

Is VA disability taxed?

The IRS provides the following directions to taxpayers: "Do not include disability benefits you receive from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in your gross income." VA disability pay is not ... Read More »