Are detoxing foot pads fact or fiction?

Answer On One Hand: Alternative MedicineDetoxing foot pads are considered part of what's known as "alternative medicine." In the past, alternative medicine was viewed with skepticism by the scientific co... Read More »

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Has anyone tried the kinoki foot pads,that claim to absorb toxins out onto foot pads?

No. All scientific claims made by these guys are total BS. From the official Kinoki website:Are negative ions good for you? "Negative Ions have been shown in scientific studies to restore balance ... Read More »

Is the Trojan War fact or fiction?

Archaeologists believe that the city of Troy was often a target for outside armies. All or some of these conflicts may have been the basis for the Trojan war story, although it's unclear whether or... Read More »

Was"The Crucible"fact or fiction?

Arthur Miller said of his work, "The Crucible": "This play is not history in the sense in which the word is used by the academic historian. Dramatic purposes have sometimes required many characters... Read More »

Is Robin Hood fact or fiction?

There is some evidence that the Robin Hood legends were based on a real man, Robin Hod, who had his possessions seized by the Sheriff of York--later Sheriff of Nottingham--in 1226. The sheriff late... Read More »