Are detox diets safe?

Answer On One Hand: Detox Diets May Not be Good for YouOne detox plan may include a well-rounded nutrient-rich diet with few calories, while another leaves a person with nothing to fuel the body. A detox ... Read More »

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Are liquid diets safe?

On One Hand: Recommended For Medical PurposesAccording to the Greenwich Hospital, a liquid diet is safe to follow if it is used for medical purposes, such as preparing before surgery. The hospital ... Read More »

Are detox teas safe?

On One Hand: Green Tea Can Help DetoxSome green teas and herbal teas have been traditionally used for detoxification of toxins. There is evidence that concentrated green tea extract aids in the pro... Read More »

Is body detox safe for diabetics?

On One Hand: Body Detox Can Be Risky For Diabetics.In the 2006 "American Association of Integrative Medicine Journal," author Jonathan Klemens states herbal ingredients in body detox products can p... Read More »

Are premium detox foot patches safe to use?

On One Hand: No Safety RiskWhile the ingredients on the pad are physically safe, they do not do what they claim to do. Premium detox foot patch manufacturers claim the ingredients in the patches dr... Read More »