Are depositions a matter of public record?

Answer A deposition can become a matter of public record. It is considered a court record, and unlike testimony, becomes accessible to the public. The only time this isn't true is if your case is settled ... Read More »

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Are name changes a matter of Florida public record?

Because Florida courts file name changes with the state's Office of Vital Statistics of the Department of Health, they are public records under the state's Sunshine Law, which mandates public acces... Read More »

Are marriage licenses a matter of public record?

Most states consider marriage records to be a matter of public record, according to Spies Online. These records are released to anyone that inquires about them and includes names, addresses, date o... Read More »

Is probate in Georgia a matter of public record?

In Georgia, probate is a matter of public record. Probate cases, which deal with the verification of wills, are handled in a court of record. Therefore, information revealed in this setting must be... Read More »

Are corporate payroll taxes a matter of public record?

The Internal Revenue Service abides by an overall rule, which is that employees of the U.S. government cannot disclose tax information--whether those be corporate payroll taxes or individual tax re... Read More »