Are dentist fluoride treatments safe?

Answer On One Hand: Treatments Are Deemed SafeDentists have been applying high-concentration fluoride compounds to the teeth of patients for more than 50 years. This method of application is proven to hel... Read More »

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Fluoride dentist treatment?

You didn't ruin anything. The fluoride glaze they put on is fully "soaked in" as much as can after 30 minutes. Then you can brush it off or rub it away by eating with no effect.

Why is calcium fluoride have a smaller boiling point then magnesium fluoride?

The calcium ion is larger than the magnesium ion and so the charge on it is less dense.This makes it less attracted to the fluoride ions

Is it safe to smoke cigarettes before I go to the dentist?

yes. i've done it. but it's best to hold off...if you can't wait, but be SURE you brush your teeth, gargle with mouthwash, or chew on a few altoids before you go try to smoke at 30 min... Read More »

Safe Flea Treatments for Puppies?

Fleas can be very annoying to a dog. Worse still, fleas can also be dangerous as they can spread diseases. On puppies, those dangers are even more severe---major infestations can cause illness and ... Read More »