Are deer antlers made of bone?

Answer Deer antlers are made of bone. In contrast, horns are made of keratin. Deer antlers, which are nourished by the blood in the velvet that covers them, require minerals as well as protein to grow, wh... Read More »

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When do deer get antlers?

According to the website PaBucks, male deer grow their first set of antlers by the time they reach 18 months old. Deer usually grow their antlers in the spring and summer seasons between March and ... Read More »

How to Sell Deer Antlers?

Deer antlers are more valuable than most people think. They are used for decoration in all manner of projects, including traditional uses, such as plaques as well as more creative application,s suc... Read More »

How to Stain Deer Antlers?

Whether you are preparing a pair of fresh antlers for mounting or you have a pair of shed antlers that has been bleached by time in the sun, you can alter the color to improve the aesthetic value o... Read More »

Do deer&elk shed their antlers?

Male deer and elk shed their antlers each year and grow a larger replacement set, according to Reindeer are the only subspecies whose females also bear antlers; they, too, shed the... Read More »