Are deadbolt locks latches?

Answer A deadbolt is "a lock bolt that is moved into position by the turning of a knob or key." This differs from a latch, which involves "a bar falling or sliding into a catch." Vendors sometimes refer ... Read More »

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Do deadbolt locks need oil?

You should not use any kind of oil, including 3-in-1 oil, on deadbolt locks. The oil will collect dirt and grit. If you are having problems with a sticking lock, use a silicone-based spray such as ... Read More »

What is the origin of deadbolt locks?

The tubular deadlock--an insecure affair consisting of just a tube and one or more cylinders--was invented in 1932; it was superseded in 1971 by the cylindrical deadlock, which looks similar, but i... Read More »

Types of Deadbolt Locks?

Keeping your house secure is of importance whether you live in a rural area or one of the largest cities in the world. One of the most important kinds of locks is a deadbolt, as it is difficult for... Read More »

Are Brinks 4-piece keyed entry door knobs& deadbolt locks secure?

On One Hand: Police Recommend DeadboltsThe Brinks four-piece keyed entry doorknobs and deadbolt locks are the first step in keeping your home secure. Customers who purchased and installed these loc... Read More »