Are daylilies deer resistant?

Answer Although no plant is deer-proof, the daylily (Hemerocallis) is deer resistant. If deer are hungry enough they will eat any plant, but toxicity, texture or strong flavor are deterrents for them. The... Read More »

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Is ocalibracha deer resistant?

The most popular calibrachoa varieties are hybrids bred for greater disease and pest resistance. Deer generally avoid these hybrids, which are also less susceptible to root rot in the garden. Plant... Read More »

Are artichokes deer resistant?

Artichokes are deer resistant. Planting artichokes around your non-deer resistant plants can help protect your garden without the need for a deer-proof fence. Artichokes bloom into beautiful purple... Read More »

Are lilies deer resistant?

On One Hand: Most Lilies Are Not Deer-ResistantMost species of lilies are not deer-resistant. On the contrary, lilies are a favorite deer food. Deer are particularly fond of hostas (plantain lilies... Read More »

Is Vinca Deer-Resistant?

The carefree vinca provides color all summer in flowerpots and the garden. Originating in Madagascar, this tropical plant will often naturalize in warm climate zones. Colorado State University's we... Read More »