Are daycares safe?

Answer On One Hand: Daycares Can Be SafeMost daycares require a background check before hiring an individual. Many daycares also are licensed by the state, so you can check with the state on complaints ab... Read More »

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How many colleges have daycares?

According to the U.S. Department of Education, approximately 1,419 colleges have daycare programs. This includes four-year universities, junior colleges and technical training schools. Some of thes... Read More »

What Curriculums Are There for In-Home Daycares?

Finding a curriculum for day care has been made easier by the plethora of available ideas in books and on the Internet. An individual interested in finding an in-home day care curriculum shares one... Read More »

Quantitative Plans for Daycares?

Quantitative plans for daycares deal in size and numbers. Large daycares are more profitable, according to Starting A Daycare, so the size and layout of your facility must be equipped with proper p... Read More »

Colleges That Provide Daycares?

Many parents are entering college or returning to college who need their children to be cared for while they are in classes. In recognition of the needs of students, faculty and staff, many college... Read More »