Are darker screensavers better than the brighter ones?

Answer I'm not postive but I've always been told/thought that darker screen savers save more energy because it takes less energy to display them.

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Why r screensavers called screensavers, how do they save the screen ?

In the olden days, if an image was left on a screen for a long time it would burn itself into the phosphors, and you'd see a faint ghost of the image permanently. A screensaver with a moving image... Read More »

If a front tooth was damaged 4 years ago and is slightly darker now should a root canal be performed to keep it from getting darker?

Answer Trauma to the front teeth will often cause a tooth to die and subsequent discoloration. A root canal is needed to prevent or stop the infection process. To address the color, root canal trea... Read More »

My Nikon d5100 takes darker pics outside and even at home it's darker than what it really is.?

If you haven't read & studied the Owner's Manual for your camera now is the time to do it. Then watch this:… Who better than Nikon to teach you to effect... Read More »

What are screensavers on ur pc really for?

Before the proliferation of LCD screens, most computer screens depended on cathode ray tubes (CRTs).When the same image is displayed on a CRT screen for long periods of time ( like windows task bar... Read More »