Are darker or lighter sapphires more valuable?

Answer The value of a sapphire stone is based on its size and its number of defects. The higher the number of defects the less valuable the sapphire. The quality of cut can also change the value of the st... Read More »

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Products to Get the Darker Areas of Skin Lighter?

Exposure to the sun, hormonal changes and damage caused by acne or other skin flare-ups can all lead to dark spots on the skin. To prevent dark spots or keep them from getting worse, dermatologists... Read More »

Does latex paint dry darker or lighter?

Latex paint grows darker as it dries. When you buy paint, apply paint to a small area of the wall and let it dry completely. Check the color to be sure it is correct and then paint the room.Referen... Read More »

Can I Go From Darker Colored Hair to Lighter?

If you have darker-colored hair it is possible to lighten it, but there are a few things to consider before taking the plunge. Lightening may need to be done by a professional colorist if your hair... Read More »

How Does Facial Hair Grow Get Lighter or Darker?

Trying to work with an O2 sensor without the proper tools may result in a myriad of problems. An oxygen sensor plays an important role as it measures the amount of oxygen in both the gas or liquid ... Read More »