Are dangling&hoop earrings cute to wear?

Answer On One Hand: They Can Be ClassyHoop earrings and dangling earrings (also known as chandelier earrings) have the potential to be classy and cute. If you pick these styles, make sure they are not too... Read More »

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How to Wear Cute Earrings in School and Get Away with It?

If you go to a school that has uniforms and you are bored of the earring rules, read on for some handy tips and tricks so you can wear a wider variety of earrings.

How to Wear Earrings?

Can't loop in those fancy new earrings your best friend gave you for your birthday? No problem. You've got it all under control.

Why did pirate men wear earrings?

While many scholars agree that pirates really did wear earrings, there are various theories about why they wore them. Some of these ideas hold a good bit of credibility and others are just fun to i... Read More »

Is it okay for men to wear earrings?

On One Hand: History of Male EarringsThe issue of men wearing earrings is nothing new. King Tut had one, art on the walls of an ancient Persian palace depicted men wearing earrings, and sailors wor... Read More »