Are dahlias annual or perennials?

Answer Dahlias are perennial flowers that will recede in cold temperatures and sprout new buds from the base of the roots when spring temperatures begin to warm. Dahlias should flower every spring for thr... Read More »

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How to Care for Annual Dahlias?

According to "Sunset Western Garden Book," many of the dwarf varieties of dahlias that grow from seeds instead of tubers are annuals that you have to replant every spring. But you'll also find tall... Read More »

I just planted gladiolas and canna mix the box says its an annual but I always thought bulbs were perennials?

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How do I winterize dahlias?

DiggingCut the foliage of the dahlia down to about 4-to-5 inches. Dig around the perimeter of the dahlia plant with a garden fork. Rock the fork back and forth to loosen the roots and lift the clum... Read More »