Are dahlias a perennial flower?

Answer Dahlias are perennial flowers that were originally native to Mexico and Guatemala; in fact, they are the national flower of Mexico. They are highly diversified in size, color and type of bloom. The... Read More »

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When do dahlias flower?

Dahlias flower from mid-summer until frost. They tend to become more spectacular as the weather cools. The blooms range from 2 to 10 inches in diameter and appear in shades of white, pink, red and ... Read More »

Should I dig up the bulbs of dahlias that didn't flower?

Dig up the dahlia bulbs that didn't flower two weeks after the first frost in the fall. Remove the entire tuber gently and clean off excess dirt. Keep the bulbs in a dry and dark area in which temp... Read More »

What is a perennial flower?

According to Cornell University Department of Horticulture, perennials are plants that flower year after year. Although the plant's tops (leaves, stems and flowers) die back to the ground each fall... Read More »

Perennial Flower Guidebook?

Perennial flowers differ from annual flowers in that they grow back on their own year after year. Perennials are a relatively low-maintenance way to add color, fragrance and dimension to your garde... Read More »