Are ct scans safe?

Answer On One Hand: CT Scan is Generally SafeCT (computed tomography) scans are imaging tests that use X-rays. Exposure to radiation during a CT scan is actually much higher than in other kinds of X-ray, ... Read More »

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Are CAT scans safe for infants?

Of course there are some risks involved in a CT Scan on an infant but the benefits generally outweigh the risks. The risk is very very small. Your baby will have a lead blanket over his entire body... Read More »

Are emg&thermal imaging scans safe?

On One Hand: EMG Uses and RisksThe National Institutes of Health's Medline Plus database reports that physicians use EMG (electromyography) to check the health of muscles and nerves. A thin needle ... Read More »

Please help about ct scans'?

Mmm not sure what Bob B is going on about but take it from me who gets these scans very regular...they dont and cant burn...they are very simple and depending on the machiene can be a little noisy ... Read More »

How much are MRI scans?

The cost of an MRI scan can be between $400 and $3,500. The cost reflects the type of MRI scan you are having done on your body as well as the technical fee and professional fee. Check with your he... Read More »