Are crystal or metal pendulums better?

Answer On One Hand: Crystal Has Special PropertiesMany New Age practitioners prefer crystal pendulums because of the unique spiritual properties that individual crystals are believed to have, while some m... Read More »

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Which is better, cascade ice or crystal light?

Are metal roofs better?

On One Hand: Metal Roof AdvantagesA metal roof lasts three to four times longer than a conventional asphalt-shingle roof. Metal roofs are energy-efficient and may qualify for one-time U.S. tax cred... Read More »

Is Vinyl or Metal Soffit Better?

Computer viruses are very destructive to a computer system. Viruses slow down system performance, frequently result in pop-up advertisements and can disable a hard drive. While antivirus programs c... Read More »

What is a better bat, metal or wooden?

On One Hand: Metal Bats Perform BetterBaseballs bounce off of a metal bat faster than they bounce off of a wooden bat. Every year, metal bat manufacturers are producing bats with more power, higher... Read More »