Are croton plants annuals or perennials?

Answer Croton plants are tropical perennial shrubs with vibrant multicolored leaves. Perennial plants have a lifespan that exceeds two years. The croton plant requires high humidity levels, full to partia... Read More »

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Are phlox annuals or perennials?

According to the Ohio State University's Horticulture and Crop Science department, Phlox--creeping phlox or moss phlox--are miniature semi-evergreen or short evergreen perennial plants. Phlox subul... Read More »

Are hydrangeas perennials or annuals?

The hydrangea is a flowering shrub that blooms in clusters of green, pink and white. It thrives in an acidic environment. The hydrangea reaches heights of up to 5 feet. Garden Guides lists hydrange... Read More »

Are primroses annuals or perennials?

Primroses are perennials, not annuals, and live for at least three years. They are a hearty flowering plant that comes in a variety of colors and can thrive in both moist and dry, or even rocky soi... Read More »

Are snapdragons annuals or perennials?

According to Floridata, snapdragons are short-lived perennials, but for gardening purposes they are treated as annuals. Snapdragons are not drought hardy and do not like hot weather, so they do not... Read More »