Are crossbows legal in Massachusetts?

Answer You may use a crossbow for hunting in Massachusetts only if you have a permanent physical disability that prevents you from using a "conventional bow and arrow," according to the General Laws of Ma... Read More »

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Are crossbows legal in the uk?

Crossbows are legal in the United Kingdom. However, there are age restrictions on who can buy a crossbow and the specifications of the crossbow. The United Kingdom does not consider crossbows to be... Read More »

In which states are crossbows legal?

Crossbows are legal in most states. However, most states have specific laws specifying who can use crossbows, and many states prohibit crossbows at certain times of the year. The only state where t... Read More »

Legal Internships in Massachusetts?

Legal internships are an important aspect of law school. Students are encouraged to find internships during the summers while not taking classes. Many law schools offer limited summer courses to en... Read More »

Are fire pits legal in Massachusetts?

Fire pits are illegal in Boston, Massachusetts. Other towns and cities in Massachusetts have varying laws. Fire-pit laws should be checked by individuals through the local fire department, police ... Read More »