Are crib bumpers safe?

Answer On One Hand: Crib Bumpers Protect Babies From Crib SlatsMany parents use crib bumpers on their infants' cribs to keep them from hitting their heads on the crib bars. Bumpers also help keep limbs fr... Read More »

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How do i use crib bumpers?

Buy Thin BumpersLook for the crib bumpers that are thin and firm. Avoid the fluffy and soft bumpers because your baby runs the risk of "rebreathing," or inhaling carbon dioxide that he has just bre... Read More »

What is the purpose of bumpers in a crib?

Baby cribs traditionally have narrow slats through which tiny arms or legs can become stuck. Bumper pads were created to prevent infants from entangling themselves in the slats or "bumping" themse... Read More »

What are crib bumpers made from?

Crib bumpers are often made from cotton-covered batting to make them match the bedding. This can be dangerous, however, as the baby's face can become pressed up against the bumper until he cannot b... Read More »

Directions for Attaching Breathable Crib Bumpers?

Breathable crib bumpers are bumpers made of mesh or another thin fabric that allows air to flow through the bumper, helping babies breath easier in their crib while keeping them safe from becoming ... Read More »