Are crepe myrtle trees ever called weeping trees?

Answer There are a number of different types of crepe myrtle trees, include miniature weeping crepe myrtles. The miniature weeping versions of the tree can yield red, watermelon, light pink and purple flo... Read More »

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Are crepe myrtle trees toxic to goats?

Not sure about that... I am sure the goats are toxic to the crepe myrtles if you give them the chance...

What is the difference between a crepe myrtle bush and a crepe myrtle tree?

Know anything about Weeping Willow trees?

If there are no water lines in that area that would be an ideal location for them.

How do I buy weeping willow trees?

Buying a Weeping WillowWhen shopping for a weeping willow the trees are young and smaller than a full-sized weeping willow. When looking, you may notice that the saplings may look a little wilted a... Read More »