Are credit counselors legitimate?

Answer On One Hand: Proceed with CautionEveryone has seen those television ads promising confidential credit counseling (usually in the form of debt consolidation). Most of these organizations are not leg... Read More »

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What is the Average Salary of Consumer Credit Counselors?

The median salary for a consumer credit counselor is about $35,000. According to, newer credit counselors can expect to make about $27,000 initially, or about $13-15 per hour. After a ... Read More »

Is a legitimate website performing a legitimate service or is it a scam?

They are a trading assistant on ebay. I would still use caution.

Are debt counselors really free?

On One Hand: Free Debt CounselingA number of debt counselors offer a free initial session over the phone or in person. Some services included are to examine the household income and expenses, help ... Read More »

What do substance abuse counselors do?

Substance abuse is the term typically used to described addictions to drugs or alcohol. Counselors are professionals who help individuals suffering from substance abuse problems to overcome their a... Read More »