Are crabapple trees poisonous to dogs?

Answer Crabapples from crabapple trees are toxic to dogs. The stems, leaves and seeds of the crabapple contain cyanogenic glycoside, which causes death of cells. Small dogs have a higher risk of death fro... Read More »

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Are Mimosa Trees Poisonous to Dogs?

True mimosas are herbaceous or shrublike plants. The mimosa tree is Albizia julibrissin; it is also known as a silk tree. Mimosa trees are marked by multiple trunks and pink, silky flowers. Their g... Read More »

Are ficus trees poisonous to dogs?

Although any individual can have a unique allergic reaction, ficus trees are generally considered to be nontoxic. According to PetAmore, however, dogs have been known to suffer from upset stomach a... Read More »

Are Cedar Trees Poisonous to Dogs?

One particular deciduous species, known as the white cedar, melia azedarach, is poisonous to dogs. It has several other names: the Ceylon cedar, bead tree, Japanese bead tree, China ball tree, para... Read More »

Are sweet olive trees poisonous to dogs?

Sweet olive (Osmanthus fragrans) is not on the ASPCA list of plants that are poisonous to dogs. The plant has fragrant flowers and is hardy to USDA zones 8 or 9. A slow-grower, as an outdoor plant,... Read More »