Are crabapple trees hardy in clay soil?

Answer Some crab apple trees are hardy in fine textured soils such as clay, but others don't do well. For example, the European crab apple only tolerates coarse or medium textured soils while the Japanese... Read More »

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Is clay soil good for crabapple trees?

Crabapple trees come in more than 1,000 different varieties. These trees thrive in clay loams or sandy clay loams that are acidic or slightly alkaline in nature. These soils should have a pH of 6 t... Read More »

Clay Soil for Flowering Trees?

Not many flowering trees thrive in clay soils. Clay sites tend to either retain too much water and suffocate trees from the roots up, a situation that the North Carolina State University Cooperativ... Read More »

Do bradford pear trees do well in clay soil?

Although Bradford pear trees prefer well-drained soil, they do well in most soil types, including clay. These hardy trees tolerate drought, abundant moisture, partial shade, pollution and reflected... Read More »

Trees for High PH & Hard Clay Soil?

The ideal soil pH falls around 6.0 to 7.0 and is a rich, organic, balanced loam. However, not many gardens come equipped with ideal situations. If your soil is alkaline, or has a high pH and heavy ... Read More »