Are cr1620 and cr1616 cell batteries basically the same?

Answer For lithium coin cells, the four digits refer to the dimensions of the battery. The first two numbers are the diameter in millimeters. The last two numbers are the thickness in tenths of millimeter... Read More »

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Vodka is basically the same as mouthwash right?

maybe reread that ingredients labelor yeswell, I agreealcohol is brilliant for all household issuesIm always sure to give my 4 yr vodka when she has a cough too

Can you use recharagebale batteries and regular batteries in the same device?

Mixing battery types is a bad idea. They will work together until the one storing the least amount of energy becomes fully depleted. At that point the others will still be forcing a current to flow... Read More »

Can I use the same charger for a 6-cell or 9-cell laptop battery?

A computer's charger is what powers the machine with electricity from a wall electrical socket. The battery is powered via that conduit, but the charger that fits a given computer is not related to... Read More »

What Are Dry Cell Batteries?

Dry cell batteries, those common, convenient, easily obtainable, low-cost power sources that power numerous parts of our lives, are marvels in small packages. From their invention to modern day app... Read More »