Are court cases public record?

Answer According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, court cases are a matter of public concern. Typical court proceedings in the pubic record include tax liens, bankruptcy hearings and arrest records. C... Read More »

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Are court cases public information in Phoenix?

Court information from Phoenix, Arizona, is available to the public. Public records include data from civil, criminal, family, probate and justice court cases, including court name, filing date, ch... Read More »

Is a court summons a public record?

A court summons, which tells a defendant to appear is court, is a public record. Attorneys and mediation firms often access these records to search for potential clients. If someone has been summon... Read More »

Are court filings considered public record?

When papers are filed with any court they become part of the docket for the particular case in which they pertain. In most cases, court dockets are public record. Juvenile court filings are not mad... Read More »

What are public record civil court actions?

Most documents in civil court actions are public records and can be reviewed by going to the court in which the civil court action was filed and asking the clerk for the file. While there can be al... Read More »