Are cotton thongs breathable?

Answer On One Hand: Recommended by DoctorsCotton is a breathable, hypoallergenic fabric. Synthetic fabrics like nylon can cause vaginal infections by trapping moisture and bacteria. Doctors advise women t... Read More »

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Is cotton more breathable than polyester?

Cotton is more breathable than polyester. Cotton is cool, soft, and comfortable. Polyester was first added to cotton fabrics and used on its own because it does not wrinkle, but it is also hot. How... Read More »

Is the atmosphere on Saturn breathable?

According to the European Space Agency, the atmosphere of Saturn consists of 75 percent hydrogen, 25 percent helium and trace amounts of several other chemicals including methane. The atmosphere is... Read More »

What is the most breathable fabric used for clothing?

The most breathable fabric used for clothing is cotton. Cotton is a fiber textile that is spun into yarn or thread and is used to make clothing. The fabric is all natural. Individuals who are al... Read More »

Is GORE-TEX fabric breathable?

The breathable quality of GORE-TEX® makes it a popular clothing choice for outdoor activities. In addition to permitting air to pass through, the patented material also protects wearers from wind ... Read More »