Are cotton swabs (q-tips) bad for your ears?

Answer It is said that you shouldn't stick anything in your ear that is smaller than your elbow.My daughter just got scolded by the doctor for using q tips and compacting her ear wax. You can use q tips ... Read More »

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Are Johnson cotton swabs the same as Q-tips?

Johnson & Johnson have a cotton swab product. However, while this product does the same thing as a Q-tip cotton swab, they are two different products from two different companies. Unilever acquired... Read More »

How has cotton swabs changed your lives?

cotton swabs are the ice beneath my skates. They are the butter beneath my pasta. and they are the flour beneath my latkas. they are the buttons beneath my remote. they are the numbers beneath my c... Read More »

Cotton Q-Tip Swab Tips?

Cotton Q-tip swabs have a multitude of uses. Q-tip is the brand that boasts most recognition, but generic brands work well also. The differences between Q-tips and other brands usually are that Q-t... Read More »

Tips to Pop Ears When Flying?

Flyers often experience what is referred to as ear barotrauma or airplane ear. This condition is caused by the change in pressure between the inside and outside of the eardrum that causes the eusta... Read More »