Are corporate notes&corporate bonds the same?

Answer Corporate notes and corporate bonds are essentially the same. Both are debt instruments issued by corporations or other nonpublic entities and pay interest to the holder. When the bonds or notes ma... Read More »

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Who can issue corporate bonds?

Any major company can legally issue corporate debt, though the availability of funds and cost may lead a company to choose to issue stock instead. Depending on the company's credit profile, issuing... Read More »

How to Issue Corporate Bonds?

Corporate bonds are a financial tool that a corporation uses to raise funding. It is an alternative to acquiring loans from a bank. When an investor buys a corporate bond, he is essentially buying ... Read More »

Are corporate bonds taxable?

Corporate bonds are taxable. Among the bonds typically held by investors, only U.S. Savings Bonds and municipal bonds have some tax exemptions. Savings bonds are subject to federal taxes but exempt... Read More »

How to Buy Canadian Corporate Bonds?

Investors may purchase bonds individually or choose to purchase shares in a bond fund holding large numbers of bonds. Canadian corporations, like their counterparts in other nations, issue corporat... Read More »