Are copepods harmful to your salt water tank?

Answer With over 24,000 species of copepods identified, it is easy to gather a lot of misinformation about copepods. Basically, some are free living and are food for marine corals and fish, and some are p... Read More »

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What happens to freshwater fish in a salt water tank?

The biological makeup of a freshwater fish is what predisposes it to thrive solely in fresh water. When placed in a salt water tank, a freshwater fish will typically die; however, there are a few e... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Brown Algae in a Salt Water Tank?

Brown algae are marine multicellular algae that include both enormous seaweed from the Northern Hemisphere waters and small formations in household water tanks. Some of the brown algae species are ... Read More »

Does moving a salt water tank cause amonia to spike?

Moving a tank of salt water will not cause ammonia to spike in and of itself. Moving the tank may cause waste and ammonia, which had already settled to the bottom, to rise into the water.References... Read More »

How much light is needed for a salt water fish tank?

A salt water fish tank that contains no plant life requires 6 to 12 hours of light daily. Aquariums that contain plants can tolerate 10 to 12 hours of light. Longer periods of light typically promo... Read More »