How can I get rid of cooties?

Answer Hey! They don't live long,no worries.You really never notice you even have them.Cooties never cause harm to us either.You can't see them or feel them or hear them.But great fun can be had in catchi... Read More »

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Do girls have cooties?

i dont have cooties. i dont, i dont *pouts and stamps feet*

Is there a cure for Cyber Cooties?

Did you catch it from me? i thought i was cured apparently there are special er........... creams for that lol.

Did Corn Fed and Real stay together from real chance of love?

NO they are still not together. I live in Fargo and Cornfed was on the radio this morning (they day after the finale aired). She admitted they are no longer together.OMG that is so stupid ------- g... Read More »

In the Lizzie Maguire what is Isabella's real name in real life?