Are constipation&back pain related?

Answer On One Hand: Many Things Cause Back PainAccording to, back pain can be caused by many different things. Other than simple things like fatigue and poor posture, it can be associa... Read More »

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Is back pain related to a UTI?

On One Hand: Back pain may originate from UTIBack pain may originate from intra-abdominal disorders such as kidney diseases, pelvic infections and urinary disorders such as kidney stones or urinary... Read More »

Are gout&back pain related?

On One Hand: Gout Does Not Directly Cause Back PainGout, a form of arthritis caused by a buildup of uric acid in joints, does not generally cause pain in the back. It normally causes joint pain in ... Read More »

Severe pain and inability to function- female related?

Maybe try 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar in a little water for the gas? Not tasty but usually works in less than an hour.

Pain in ovary and small red patch on stomach, are they related?

It's not related, if you have a cyst or infection at your ovary it won't be visible outside and never showed up with a pink blotch. So wait what will be shown next week when having the ultra sound,... Read More »