Are condoms really that reliable?

Answer They're very reliable. Just makes sure you inspect them before use. For extra protection buy spermicide.

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How reliable are trojan brand condoms?

Trojans are very good, but if you are paranoid, consider trying TWO condoms at once. If one breaks, you are still protected.

Is wikipedia really that reliable?

Yes, Wikipedia is reliable. Although I would never use it as a cited source, the External links sections of the pages are quite good. Also, if you need some background on a topic, I would definit... Read More »

About NYC Condoms Do they really work?

Not sure,but trojan condoms are awsome. Fire and ice feel amazing lol.

Computer Protection! How many condoms does my laptop really need?

FREE SECURITY GUIDE FOR XP AND VISTA:There are two main things that you need to protect your PC, real-time antivirus software and a two way firewall (inbound and outbound) you can get them both com... Read More »