Are condoms really that reliable?

Answer They're very reliable. Just makes sure you inspect them before use. For extra protection buy spermicide.

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How reliable are trojan brand condoms?

Trojans are very good, but if you are paranoid, consider trying TWO condoms at once. If one breaks, you are still protected.

Do you need an ID to buy condoms?

No, you do not need an ID to purchase a condom. There is no age requirement to purchase condoms. Condoms can be purchased at drug stores, grocery stores and are often offered free at health clinics... Read More »

What are condoms?

They are latex sleeves that cover the erect penis to prevent the transfer of semen and STDs

Sex Not til i get condoms! But where are the condoms.?

Drug store or convenience store, most of them have 'em. Also most grocery stores.