Are condo windows common property?

Answer Read your governing documents to determine who owns the windows, the unit owner or the association. There is no standard.

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Are storm windows in a condo considered common elements?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the storm windows, or if the definition of storm windows is written there. There is no standard in condominiums about who owns storm windows. In ... Read More »

Is a locker or storage in a condominium a common property or limited common property?

Read your governing documents to identify which definition applies to your particular locker or storage area. There is no standard.

Who pays for real property in condo when condo association performs demolition of roof and walls?

Read your governing documents to determine ownership. There is a line between what a unit owner owns and what all unit owners own in common with all other owners. Ownership may determine who pays, ... Read More »

Can a condo association in Florida lien a condo and sieze the property for late maintenance fees?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.Your monthly assessments cover bills the community incurs for community services, such as master insurance policy premiums, landscape se... Read More »