Are concrete bricks suitable for constant ground contact?

Answer On One Hand: Concrete is Suitable For Ground ContactExactly as the name sates, concrete bricks are made of concrete. Concrete is used for walkways, foundations, footings for homes and many other ap... Read More »

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How long would approximately 3 deformed rebar rust and crack through concrete if the bars were forming stakes and come from ground into concrete?

Answer It depends on the moisture content of the soil, the acidity of the soil as well as other factors."But practically, the answer is forever."

What is Constant Contact?

Many people see Constant Contact commercials or Internet ads and become curious about the company's products and services. Constant Contact is an email marketing solution that allows small business... Read More »

How to Stain Concrete Bricks?

Concrete bricks fade over time, losing the vitality of their color due to the effects of weather and direct sunlight. Faded concrete bricks make a structure look old, worn down and dirty, regardles... Read More »

How to get rid of effervescence on bricks and concrete?

efflorescence is the movement of salts to the surface of the brick or concrete...when you pressure wash it you are just driving more water into the face of the brick and bringing out more salts...j... Read More »