Are concord grape leaves edible?

Answer Concord grape leaves are edible and commonly served stuffed. If possible, use fresh (medium-size) leaves that are readily available in the spring. Wash them and freeze between layers of plastic wra... Read More »

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Are concord grape seeds edible?

Concord grape seeds are not only edible, they are also good for you. The seeds contain antioxidant compounds that can be effective in treating and preventing heart disease, according to the May 200... Read More »

How do I care for a Concord grape vine?

Training Concord Grape VinesTrain Concord grape vines on a trellis or arbor. This will allow the foliage to grow and the fruit to hang gracefully where it is off of the ground. Trellises can be fou... Read More »

The Best Fertilizer for Concord Grape Plants?

Concord grapes are the type that Dr. Thomas Bramwell Welch made into juice in the 1860s, creating an industry based on this delicious fruit. Concords and other varieties of grapes are easy to grow ... Read More »

Can concord grape seeds be eaten?

Named after the region where they were grown in Massachusetts, Concord grapes made their debut in 1854. The grape itself is full of natural carbohydrates the body uses for energy. The skin and seed... Read More »