Are concealed weapons licenses public information in Oregon?

Answer Yes, in Oregon concealed handgun licenses are a matter of public record. A bill was approved by the House in 2009 which would have limited access to conceal and carry license information, but that ... Read More »

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Does a concealed weapons permit mean that the weapon must be concealed in Alabama?

If you hold a concealed weapons permit in Alabama you must keep the weapon concealed at all times. If you need to use the weapon, a judge or jury will determine if you showed good cause for drawing... Read More »

Online Concealed Weapons Training?

In all but two states, anyone can get a permit to carry a concealed weapon -- usually a handgun -- to protect themselves from burglars and other attackers. To be a candidate for a concealed weapon ... Read More »

What is needed for a concealed weapons permit?

Most states allow residents concealed weapons permits, giving them the legal right to carry a firearm in public places. Unlike open carry, where the firearm is in plain sight, concealed weapons are... Read More »

Can you carry concealed weapons in banks in Florida?

You can carry a concealed weapon in banks in Florida. Section 790.06 of the Florida Statutes offers a complete listing of places where concealed carry weapons permits are not honored, and therefore... Read More »