Are computers going to crash March 11th,2007 because of Daylight Savings Time?

Answer no

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How to Set Daylight Savings Time (DST) on or off on a Rip Curl Oceantide Watch?

If you have a Rip Curl Oceantide watch you may be puzzled about how you toggle between daylight savings time (DST) and standard time. Unfortunately, the user interface of the watch is non intuitive... Read More »

How can i make my laptop not change to the " daylight savings time"?

go to the time/date in task system tray at bottom of screen right click it click time and date to adjust the settings click the time zone tab and uncheck box automatically change to daylight saving... Read More »

When does the world change their clocks for daylight savings?

Daylight savings time starts around spring and ends around fall in the northern hemisphere; this is opposite in the southern hemisphere. The exact date varies between countries. For example, daylig... Read More »

Do computers slow down over time because of the wear on the actual components?

yes it wouldthe only hardware component that would slow down a computer do to age that i know of would be the hard drive(because the hard drive has movable parts they do wear down with age, much as... Read More »