Are computer games harmful?

Answer On One Hand: Interactivity and EducationComputer games can have great educational potential for children of varying ages. Many computer games are available online for free, designed specifically to... Read More »

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My computer started making a loud noise (from the fan). Is this harmful to my computer Can I ignore it?

I just wrote a quick tutorial on this oddly enoughhere:…

Are video games harmful to kids?

On One Hand: Certain Video Games Lead to Increased AggressionAccording to the American Psychological Association, several studies have indicated that children who play violent video games are more ... Read More »

Is it harmful for the computer to be turned on almost all day?

One of the most stressful thing you can do to a computer is to perform a "cold start." When a computer is turned off for an extended period of time, the temperature of the components are at room t... Read More »

How can I prevent My eyes from the harmful rays of Computer screen?

I'll like to suggest a few ways.1. Use an L C D set.2. Wear a glass.3. Put a cellophane paper on the screen. 4.If your eyes are alright use less brightness on the screen.