Are "component video" cables the same thing as "RCA cables"?

Answer 1) component like the it's name says sends each component (red, green blue) of the image on different cables.composite, like it's name says, sends a composite of all the information one cableyou di... Read More »

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Do you need S-Video and component cables?

On One Hand: You Need Both For Video and AudioS-Video cables are used to send video data from one device, typically your computer, to another, typically your TV. If you want to be able to view and ... Read More »

Is there adapters for component cables to hdmi cables?

Analog component signals are completely different to digital HDMI. There is no simple adaptor cable because the analog signals require processing to convert to digital. There are converter units th... Read More »

How to set up DVD player with rca cables to hdtv with component cables?

If the DVD player doesn't have COMPONENT connectors, you will have to use a input on the TV that has RCA input connectors.

Are component video cables analog?

Technically speaking, component video cables are an analog medium. That being said, they can carry signals between digital components, such as HDTVs and Blu-Ray players, and can carry them at HD re... Read More »