Are compact fluorescents full spectrum?

Answer Not all compact fluorescent light bulbs are full-spectrum, but some manufacturers do produce full-spectrum CFLs. Check the packaging of the bulb or the manufacturer's website to find out whether a ... Read More »

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Can compact fluorescents be used in low voltage halogen lighting fixtures?

Using Fluorescents in Halogen Fixtures The key words are, `low voltage` halogen fixtures. Compact flourescents use 120 volts in the States, so the answer is simply, no.

Are Ott lights full spectrum?

Ott lighting, better known as OttLites, produces full-spectrum lighting that it trademarked as High Definition Natural Lighting, which the company claims allows better focus without glare or eye fa... Read More »

Are Ott bulbs full spectrum?

Ott bulbs, better known as OttLite bulbs, offer full-spectrum lighting, which the compan has trademarked as High Definition Natural Lighting. The company claims the bulb not only provides for brigh... Read More »

Uses of Full Spectrum Lights?

Full-spectrum lighting fixtures provide an artificial simulation of the spectrum available in natural sunlight. The body uses and needs natural sunlight to function properly. From the ability to ab... Read More »