Are colored contacts safe to wear?

Answer On One Hand: Contact sales are regulatedContact lens sales are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, which approves them as being safe to wear. Whether you wear prescription or nonprescrip... Read More »

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Can you wear one day colored contacts more than once?

these are a risk even for one day. Your eyes need to be exposed to air to get oxygen. Modern clear perscription contacts are made of material which transmits quite a bit of oxygen to the eye. Even ... Read More »

How old do you have to be to wear colored contacts?

old enough to know how to put them in.there's no age requirement. most people would wait to wear contacts after 12 though.

Are colored contacts safe?

As long as your optometrist approves them and they aren't dry cheap ones.

Can anyone wear colored contacts, with no presciption, just for the color?

Anyone can wear colored contacts without a prescription. My niece wears different colors all the time. She gets them at her local walmart. Don't know the price, but it can't be too much for she'... Read More »