Are colon cleanses good or bad?

Answer On One Hand: Colon Cleansing is HelpfulAccording to WebMD, colon cleansing has been around since the ancient Greeks. Colon cleansing can help rid the body of toxins. Colon cleansing products inclu... Read More »

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How many colon cleanses are too many?

On One Hand: The Procedure is Unnecessary and Potentially RiskyEven a single colon cleansing is, at best, unnecessary for most people. Also known as colonic hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, the ... Read More »

Are colon cleanses healthy?

On One Hand: Colon cleansing has a history of success.Colon cleansing has been around since ancient Greece. WebMD agrees that colon cleansing can help reduce the toxins in the body. Colon cleansing... Read More »

Can I do candida and colon cleanses naturally without buying expensive supplements?

I read alternative therapy books a lot, and from them I've learned a few things:1) Candida is a nasty conditions that causes a lot of problems.2) Most doctors don't awknowledge that it exists (and ... Read More »

What is is good way to clean your colon?

There are herbal laxatives that work well but that doesn't solve the reason the colon is plugged up. Start at your mouth and tongue. Is your mouth making saliva when you eat? Is your tongue clea... Read More »