Are colon cleansers safe and which ones work?

Answer On One Hand: Proponents Believe they Detoxify the Body.Proponents of colon cleansing believe in the theory of autointoxication---that undigested foods cause build-ups in the colon and that the buil... Read More »

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Are colon cleansers safe?

On One Hand: Professional Cleansing Equipment Is SoundThe Food and Drug Administration regulates the production of colon-cleansing equipment. This means all hydrotherapy equipment you buy to use at... Read More »

Are colon cleansers bad for you?

On One Hand: Removes Waste from the BodyDone properly, colon cleansing removes waste from the body which can assist with moderate weight loss and improved overall health. explain... Read More »

Do home teeth whiteneng kits work Which ones are good?

the ones bought out of the shop don't work i have tried them now i use the one from the dentist and is soooo much better

How can you get your hair straight ( For boys). Also, does head and shoulders work If not, which ones?

you'd have to use a hair straightener/hair iron if u like longer hair and your hair is curly/too wavy for your liking and head and shoulders works well for dandruff that's not too severe