Are college grants&scholarships reported on a tax return?

Answer College grants and scholarships do not have to be reported on taxes unless all or a portion of the scholarship is taxable. Scholarships are taxable if you are not a degree-seeking candidate or if y... Read More »

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Does financial aid for college need to be reported to the IRS?

According to the IRS, a student does not need to report financial aid from grants, scholarships, fellowships and other types of aid, with the exception of students of alien status. Funds not used t... Read More »

I've flunked before, how can I return to college?

The point of financial assistance is to give aid to students who have the highest probability of graduating. Given your track record, you look like a bad risk right now. But don't despair, becaus... Read More »

How to Return to College With Bad Grades?

If you have taken some time off from college, you may have a difficult time finding a school to accept you with a poor academic history. There are options, however, to getting into college and star... Read More »

Which Pages From a Tax Return Should I Send to a College?

The College Board's Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) collects tax documents from applicants on behalf of a college or university's financial aid office. These documents are used to verify... Read More »