Are college footballs different sizes than NFL?

Answer College and NFL footballs are nearly identical in size. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which governs most college football programs, allows a slightly narrower ball than the N... Read More »

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Why Do College Footballs Have Stripes?

Football has been played on the collegiate level since 1869. The game has gone through many changes since then. As game play has changed, so has the equipment. The equipment has evolved throughout ... Read More »

Why do college footballs have white stripes?

Regulation college footballs differ from National Football League (NFL) balls, mostly in their external composition. College balls have a white stripe on the ends of the ball, whereas NFL balls do ... Read More »

How do I compare European bed sizes with American bed sizes?

Standard BedsDetermine the bed size you wish to compare. Four common standard bed sizes are used in the U.S. (twin, double, queen, and king) and in continental Europe (90 or single, 140, 160 and 18... Read More »

Are NFL footballs heated?

NFL footballs are not allowed to be doctored, and that includes heating. A 1994 directive from Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, responding to kickers baking game balls to make them more pliant, bans al... Read More »