Are collection companies allowed to have their name on a caller ID?

Answer Yes, according to the Federal Communications Commission, telemarketers must display, if possible, the name of their company, and a phone number that you can call during business hours to be removed... Read More »

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Are collection agencies allowed to charge fees in addition to the bill?

The answer depends upon the contract for your initial debt, according to the Federal Trade Commission. If your credit card or loan contract notes that any collection agency pursuing a delinquent de... Read More »

How much time is allowed for insurance companies to pay claims in Florida?

According to Florida attorney Philip DeBerard, there is no law specifying a time frame for settling insurance claims. However, upon reaching a settlement, the insurance company must pay within 20 d... Read More »

What information are disability insurance companies allowed to ask when processing a claim?

Why are car companies allowed to make cars that can go faster than the speed limit?

Because different countries have different speed limits. For example German Autobahns (where BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche etc come from) do not have speed limits on their motorways.Also, people ca... Read More »